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Dear Entrepreneur,
Welcome to my PLR Super OTO site,
It's my intention to offer Both FREE & Useful PLR/MRR/RR Material and
high quality paid PLR Packages at the best price available on the
planet. It's my Plan to equipe my loyal Subscribers with the Right
Internet Marketing Tools to help them start their Online Business with
minimum Cost and Correct Mindset.
If you are completely new to the Internet Business or faild before to
achieve any Success, please take a few minutes to read my short welcome
introduction and get my free welcome gift, may be you discover
something useful for your business.
I am not going to urge you to buy any product from my site, because I
am quite sure, you still do not have trust to purchase anything from
me, unless you found it as good PLR bargain which completely satisfy
you in return for your tiny investment. "Naturally all of us as human
being do the same".
Here is my first Advice:
1. Building Trust with your Subscribers is your first priority.
2. Never focus on earning money only, without helping other people
to achieve the
same success you desire.
3. You could build trust with your customers by helping them solve
some technical
problems they may have in any niche subject.
4. To do that you must equipe yourself with the right internet
education and required tools, remember your customers always see
you as a Coach
in your niche.
Here is my Second Advice: Create your Own Product/ Or have your Own PLR
1. In your way of solving your customers technician issues searching
the internet, studying Private Label Rights Reports &
Internet marketing courses,
searching forums, searching yahoo answers and Google trend you
could find a hot
Niche Subject to create your Own product solving all these
technician issues or Offer a
high quality PLR/MRR/RR Products solving the same issues.
2. The idea is that when you tried to help your subscribers to succeed
solving their
technician issues in your niche, you did some effort in your
research, you gain
experience and discoverd a killer hot niche subject to create your
own product OR
Selling a Private Label Rights Package "PLR" to your customers at
price helping them to solve their issues.
3. You do the same now while visiting my site you try to find a PLR
Bargain to sell for
your customers, as you know that your customers' main technician
issue is Product
creation and you will offer this package helping them to have
their own products
solving their issues.
My third advice: Building your OWN PLR Empire for long term goal along
with your affiliate effort as short term goal:
1. PLR/MRR/RR Packages is the only solution for Entrepreneurs who do
not have the
required skills and enough budget to create their own products.
2. You can earn good commission from hot niche affiliate systems "short
goal" if you know how to get high traffic to your affiliates
offers. But what will
happen if the affiliates company closed without reason, in this
case you will lose your
source of online income. Be careful, if you promoted bad quality
affiliate products you
would lose your customers' trust and they would never buy more
products from you.
3. Never put all your eggs in one basket. You should have more than one
source of online
income for long term success. Building you own resell rights
online empire
along with your high quality affiliates system and other sources
of Online
income like Google adsence until you be able to create your Own
high quality
4. Never listen to anyone who till you, that you will get rich
overnight and urge you quit
your job. Online business is like any other off line business that
requires at
your start hard work, dedication and experience.
My Fourth advice: Creating a perfect sales funnel.
1. optin page + Auto Responder code to capture Subscribers Emails
2. When your subscribers sign up, direct them to your OTO "Highly
Recommended My
200PLR Super OTO"
3. when your subscribers purchase your OTO, Direct them to your Upsell
"Could be another PLR/MRR/RR Package with higher price or affiliate
4. I will offer FREE Access to a list building video course as a
Bonus for Customers who
will Make a one time tiny investment in the 200PLR Super OTO P1.
My Fifth advice: Getting high targeted traffic to your website.
1. FREE & Paid traffic: It's to long to explain on details in this
2. In my FREE PLR Reports I included a complete PLR eBook about
"Online Traffic Generation Methods". Sign Up for Instant FREE
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3. Also I included in this site an article with quick tips on how to
market your PLR
For More information about PLR Advantages, please feel free to browse
all Articles and links in my site. Do not forget to sign up to my
newsletters to get your FREE PLR Reports, You can unscribe any time as
you wish.

End and not last:
In my short introduction above I focused on the importance of having
your own product, list building & building trust with your subscribers
, Internet Marketing technician issues, Private Label Rights Products
"PLR", Master Resell Rights Products "MRR", Resell Rights Products
"RR", hot niche subject, affiliates system, short term plan, long term
plan, google trend, google adsence, optin page, autoresponder and how
sales funnel looks like.
I do understand that Internet Marketing "IM" Terms looks like puzzle
for new entrepreneurs that is why I Offer my FREE PLR Gifts, "6
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My FREE PLR Reports will help you better understand what I mean. You
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Here is My FREE Internet Marketing Reports with Private Label Rights:
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